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Erasmus Happy Erasmus : Political correctness ,Chafes and Irritates many people who though they believe in many of the precepts underlying political correctness namely – fairness/equality/consideration for others , have difficulty with where the trend has taken them.

Kinkajou FaceKinkajou : So as with most of our sites, let us start by trying to understand political correctness. Let’s look at how the politically correct movement appears to have arisen.

Politically Correct Sign

Erasmus Profile Erasmus: The key trend arises from globalisation. Globalisation says –
All people are equal.
All people are the same.
All people have equal rights.
There is no room for discrimination on the basis of colour/religion/ethnicity/sex or sexual preferences.
There is no room for sexism – discrimination on the basis of maleness or femaleness – and in the outgrowth of this, people who are transitioning or have transitioned from one sex to another. There is no room for discrimination on the basis of sexuality – gay/lesbian/bi/trans/indeterminate.


Kinkajou FaceKinkajou : I have very little problem with these themes. However, I believe these precepts have been used beyond their intended goals to change behaviour beyond the intention of the proclamations.

Erasmus Profile Erasmus: Globalisation demands that many different people, in many different parts of the world, be able to work, rest and play in a world which has become much smaller. People today would think nothing of travelling from one side of the world to another, or travelling thousands of kilometres in a single day. In the past, many people stayed in their home towns or nearby, for their entire lives.

The world is changing, and we  need to be able to live and work together.
However the reality is that not all people are the same. People can have very different personalities leading to very different perceptions of events. People have mental illnesses and  see the world very differently. People’s life experiences colour how they interpret their world. Religion , especially Buddhism changes how people look at the world and their place within it.

nonPC fatty
Kinkajou FaceKinkajou : So, old one, what aspects of the nature of people themselves, do you think may be enabling the growth of the political correctness trend.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: I believe one of the major underlying factors in the growth of political correctness – is genetic. Enneagram “one” personalities have a strong belief in doing the right thing. Unfortunately enneagram “ones” have a very narrow perspective on “rightness” and push their proclamations beyond their intended purposes or aims.

They believe that you should not mention race/ethnicity/religion/sex sexism. The act of even mentioning that these issues may exist, is taken as an affront to their values.
It is obvious of course that this is not so. Treating people equally, with equal rights and without judgement or discrimination, does not mean that you are not allowed to mention or to use these issues in conversation.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: For example, someone comes to work and asks if “John” is there. You are allowed to mention that “John” is over there. You are allowed to mention that John is wearing glasses. You are allowed to mention for instance that John is wearing a red jacket. You’re not allowed to mention that John is “Asian” or  perhaps Caucasian (white) ”.
So let’s analyse this situation.

John if asked, would likely accept that he is of Asian appearance. Depending on the tone of voice and the way you mention his Asian appearance, it is unlikely that he would be insulted or hurt or feel challenged by your description. It is likely that he would accept your description as simply “descriptive”.

Erasmus Profile Erasmus: In describing him as Asian, you are not denigrating him. You are not aiming to insult him. You are not aiming to hurt him, and you are not aiming to give negative impressions of his race or his Asian-ness. You are simply choosing the simplest and most glaring “difference” characteristic which would allow other people to quickly and efficiently identify John.

Kinkajou FaceKinkajou : In fact, pussy-footing around the fact of not using the word “Asian’ actually underlines that he is different, that he is not like you and that he has a role in your group that is not “just  one of the guys / gals ”.

Erasmus Profile Erasmus: Your use of the description of him as Asian – is not challenging any rights of equality, is not discriminating against him, is not denigrating him or aiming to hurt him. It is – simply descriptive.

In a room with Asian men present, it is just as appropriate to describe John as perhaps the white guy over there. In a room with other Asian men present ,you would probably “need” to say that bloke over there in the red jumper , if that were the most distinctive characteristic that would allow someone who does not know “John”-  to identify “ John”.
So there is no reason to feel bad about yourself for describing him as “Asian”. There is no reason to feel guilty in your use of the word “Asian”.

Hear See Speak no evil
Dr Axxxx Dr AXxxxx : The problem here is that someone is narrow-mindedly judging you about the use of the word “Asian”. You are wrong to use this word. It is off-limits/ not  right to use this word. And they are in fact accusing you of using the word “Asian” – to denigrate/to hurt/to insult John. They are in fact saying that they are better than you. They are saying that you are a clumsy inconsiderate clod- to your face.

However, let’s look at the situation again from an outside perspective.
John is “Asian” or maybe something else such as a “white guy”. This is a fact. Looking at the conversation you would have to be an idiot to think that you have denigrated/hurt or insulted John.

Dr Axxxx Dr AXxxxx : In fact, what has happened is that the politically correct person has insulted you by publicly accusing you of doing the wrong thing – on the basis of their own narrow judgement. The politically correct person is in fact acting as a sensor and judge of how and in what fashion you may communicate. Unfortunately they have a very flawed understanding of the situation and are making denigrating/hurtful and insulting comments about your ability to communicate.

On the basis of their flawed assessment of the situation, they believe that they are superior to and better than you, when in fact their own appreciation of what has occurred is where the problem lies.

Erasmus Profile Erasmus: In short overall, the theme of equality and consideration for all is not compromised by using language appropriately and descriptively. What is happening by applying "political correctness" inappropriately" is that it is you who is compromised and denied respect and consideration.

(Tones of voice can be very important in carrying this meaning. Enneagram “ones” are often deaf to the tonal meaning of communication – unless they have grown up alongside or in association with enneagram “sixes”. (Enneagram twos and  enneagram threes do have the same serotonin gene complex as do enneagram “sixes”. So that often means that they understand the significance of tone in speech or verbal communication).

Erasmus Profile Erasmus: The outcome of this interaction is that you back down – out of consideration for the feelings of John and for the feelings of the politically correct person. You also are forced to appreciate that you are in fact, “an insensitive clod”. They have made you feel like that. You have said the wrong thing.

Dr Axxxx Dr AXxxxx : The final result is that:
You become the injured party.
Communication suffers.
The inconsiderate and politically correct person feels superior and righteous in spite of inflicting their faulty opinions and beliefs on you / others and in spite of insulting you directly to your face.

(Note that John is not even a party to the conversation/interaction. So consideration for John’s feelings is somewhat irrelevant – as John is not there- in  the group directly in proximity to you in any case.) As we said before, what  is happening here is that someone is not considering your feelings – to your face.

Dr Axxxx Dr AXxxxx : You have become the injured party out of respect for the theme of political correctness.
The key issue to challenging political correctness is to understand the mental attitude that underpins political correctness. It is very flawed, very inconsiderate and very narrow-minded and hurtful. A righteous behaviour using inappropriate circumstances to other people inappropriately.

PC wisdom to weapon
Dr Axxxx Dr AXxxxx : So let’s look at some possible responses.
Analyse each interaction.

Generally there is always someone saying something “politically correct” to you, out of consideration to someone else – and not in consideration of your own feelings.

Erasmus Profile Erasmus: I think the first essential- is to make a statement that in using the words that are not thought to be politically correct – you are not intending to denigrate or hurt another person.

Kinkajou Profile Kinkajou: I think the second essential is to make a statement that the politically correct person in criticising you for using those particular words – has a flawed understanding of the situation – and is insulting you directly to your face and not considering your own feelings.

Dr Axxxx Dr AXxxxx : Political correctness only grows because people are considerate of others- even when they are wrong and they don’t get what is really being said and have ingrained” incorrect” views about what they will allow to be said.

Erasmus Profile Erasmus: I don’t think it is right to denigrate  or insult other people.  And that means that it is not right to allow other people to insult and denigrate you.

Be assertive. I think realistic  communication is achieved by  people being honest and considerate of others.


Kinkajou Profile Kinkajou: But if it is not your intention to denigrate or insult others– you don’t need to apologise for your behaviour.
In fact you are entitled to criticise the other person for their “politically correct” behaviour and to point out to them the insulting and hurtful nature of what they themselves are saying to you.

Dr Axxxx Dr AXxxxx : Some people are very poor communicators and there are many aspects of language that many people completely miss. I have quoted on our personality website that enneagram” sixes”  see and think in colour. Many other personalities have a much more restricted or black and white view of what is said. They often completely miss or misunderstand what is actually being attempted to be communicated. You don’t have to admit guilt or wrongdoing just because in someone else’s narrow perspective or understanding, that is what they think you are doing.



Some Words and Phrases

Dr Axxxx Dr AXxxxx : If you ain’t doing it – you don’t need to accept the accusation that you are. Stand tall.
Politically Correct people are acting as bullies- BULLY.

Dr Axxxx Dr AXxxxx : They make it hard to stand up for yourself because they are so righteous and make you feel guilty about what you say or do – by their criteria. Their criteria are not the only way to measure yourself. Intrinsically you know they are wrong and over-reacting. But as human beings you want to do the right thing by others.

Dr Axxxx Dr AXxxxx : Do the right thing by yourself. You don’t need to let other people insult, denigrate or hurt you- just because they want to feel superior to you and  good about themselves.

Dr Axxxx Dr AXxxxx : That comment is insulting to me. How have you even considered my feelings? The other person is not even here to be insulted, yet you are quite happy to denigrate me (have a go at me – Aussie slang), to my face.

Dr Axxxx Dr AXxxxx : You are bullying me – by making me feel wrong about how I speak. What I said does not denigrate or hurt anyone. It is and is intended to be simply descriptive and honest.



Good luck. Be real. Be honest. Be Fair.
Don't tolerate fools gladly or with apology.








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